Martín Códax winery

Martín Códax winery


Our aim is to implement, among our winegrowers, environmentally friendly production systems, providing real time information about the pest and disease problems in the vineyards in order to promote the sustainable use of plant protection products.

It has 270 partners, covering about 260 hectares of vineyards, what means 3 million Albariño bottles per year. In 1985 Martín Códax winery was born, its name comes from the most famous Galician troubadour, many of his medieval poems are still kept, which are devoted to love and the sea that surrounds our coast.

Since then, Martín Códax winery has grown and evolved supporting its people, land and culture. It promotes this culture in more than 40 countries around the world. Its project started with the enthusiasm and effort of a group of winegrowers and it is nowadays a real project that has became Martín Códax into the symbol of the Galician wines inside and outside Galicia.

Every since its inception Martín Códax has kept a dialogue and a link with the society in O Salnés valley, where its facilities are located. The winery was born thanks to the idea of a group of winegrowers and it was made by and for people. Nowadays it is composed of 270 partners; moreover, the winery collaborates with more than 300 families, which supply it with grapes. Just like a big family they work together in order to offer the highest quality products.

Martín Códax is linked to art and culture because, since its beginning, it has supported all kind of cultural and artistic expressions: from the most traditional expressions to the contemporary ones. It has also promoted Galician culture in all places around the world where Martín Códax operates.


We are committed to preserve our environment, looking for sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint.

Our R+D projects are aimed to reduce the environmental impact in the field of wine-growing and to fight against the effects of the climate change. But this is not our only aim, we also try to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability among our human capital.