Location of the project

This project is being carried out in the region of O Salnés, in the province of Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain).

O Salnés is one of the most important tourist areas in Galicia and, in general terms, it is located between the inlets of Arousa, in the north, and Pontevedra, in the south.

Where we are

  • Comarca do Salnés
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Vilagarcía de Arousa is the town with the highest population density and the highest economic acitvity rate in the region. Despite of this all the coast has a high economic and demographical dynamism with important towns such as Cambados or Sanxenxo. Many municipalities of this area double the population during the summer months.

From a topographical point of view, this region has the wide and fertile valley of the river Umia, covering a big part of the region. It is surrounded by soft mountains, among them it is worth noting Xiabre (641 metres high) in the north and Castrove (613 metres high) in the southwest, with wonderful viewpoints.

The coast consists of a low sandy shore, with quiet beaches, most of them formed by big dunes, for example A Lanzada.

There are also extensive inlets, which provide good shelter from strong winds, such as those in the estuary of the river Umia or Vilagarcía de Arousa. Because of that in this area there are several ports.

Another characteristic of the landscape is the fact there are a lot of small islands, such as A Illa de Arousa or A Toxa, and the peninsula of O Grove, which is an excellent example of isthmus, formed by the long beach of A Lanzada.

For a long time the climate, the coast and the fertility of its lands, among other factors, have let O Salnés become into a rich and prosperous region thanks to the use of endogenous resources. This has meant a diversified economy and dynamic geography with a positive growth and high population.

The important fishing, industrial and tourist activities are the main pillars of its economy, apart from its agricultural richness, focused in vineyards, where the famous and prestigious albariño wine is elaborated under the Protected Designation of Origin Rías Baixas.

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