This project was born with the aim of reducing the use of phytosanitary products in the vineyards. In order to achive this general objective, the project establishes several specific objectives:

  • Create an Integrated Control System for Environmental Optimization, based in a net of weather stations equipped with sensors. These are placed in the vineyards of the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas. The purpose is reducing the use of chemical products.

  • Demonstrate that, using few chemical products, it is possible to obtain a higher and better production, what means to improve gains and to reduce environmental risk.

  • Spread the need of reducing the use of chemical products in the treatments as an added value to the wineries and population. So, all actions of the project will be integrated into the Environmental Control System. This system will let wineries continue with the actions of the projects through time.

The previous objectives will not be carried out without the due training. Because of that this project includes a training plan for winegrowers in order to improve the efficiency of the treatments in the vineyards and in the sustainable agricultural methods.