Bodega y viñedos Paco&Lola

Bodega y viñedos Paco&Lola


Bodega y viñedos Paco&Lola (cooperative wine society from Arousa) is involved in the project Life + Atlantic Vineyards, working along the same line of work carried out by the company since its beginning. With this project our aim is to reduce, as much as possible, the environmental impact made as a consequence of the wine production, improving the control of the pests and diseases.

Bodega y viñedos Paco&Lola has 431 partners, covering about 201 hectares of vineyards, what means 2.5 million Albariño bottles per year.

Our winery was born in 2005 as the result of an initiative of a group of winegrowers and producers in the region of O Salnés. They considered suitable to create a cooperative to take advantage of their vineyards and to turn the production into a professional activity.

This cooperative was called Sociedad Cooperativa Vitivinícola Arousana and nowadays it has about 430 partners, what turns it into the most important cooperative, in terms of number of partners, in the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas.

Our winery covers about 200 hectares of vineyards spread in more than 1,800 lots (small holding is very typical in Galicia). Its diversity, regarding size, type of land or location, is what let us have a unique Albariño coupage.

The new creation of the winery has allowed us to equip our facilities with the latest technology applied to the wine world. This technology and the experience of our oenologist and winegrowers let us take full advantage of the possibilities of the grapes, guaranteeing an excellent result year after year.

We are a young and modern winery committed to a different way of making wine. Our risky presentations and the creation of global brands have marked a turning point in the Designation of Origin. Our wines have a sophisticated and funny image, which is not like any other one.

This philosophy is not just present in our bottle designs but also in all the elaboration process, from the vineyard to the bottling.

Our product quality is always guaranteed. So our vine-growing department checks and controls all the lots; that control is in the whole process up to the marketing.

Our main goal is to make excellent products for excellent people.


Since its inception the cooperative has been committed to a sustainable production; because of that it has been protected under the Certification of Integrated Production since 2006.